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    Privacy and legal mentions regarding YouTubeToMp3.Mobi

    YouTubeToMp3.Mobi does not contains any illegal file and is not hosting any licensed file on it's servers. According the law, you must own an original copy of a file if you want to download it In case of non-respect of these rules, YouTubeToMp3.Mobi, it's staff and it's host company, cannot be involved about eventual illegal downloads.

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    The fact that the transmission of your data on the internet such as the procedure of communication per email can be an object to security susceptibility. Unlimited protection of data from the approach of 3rd parties is not available. The use of published contact data within the framework of our agreements as a corporation by 3rd parties for the sending of information and promotional material which have not been certainly requested is herewith certainly forbidden. The managers of this website certainly hold the right to take legal steps in the case of reckless promotional material being sent without having been required, such as in the form of spams.