Features of YouTube to mp3 converter

YouTube converter has a lot of great features, you can complete the format conversion online.

YouTube to MP3

Can be saved from YouTube to mp3 format, any video can be downloaded locally through the converter.

Play music online

During youtube to mp3 conversion, you can check this video in your web player to avoid downloading wrong audio.

Support 320 MHz

The higher the selected video quality, the higher the quality of the converted audio file.

YouTube to MP4

YouTube to MP4 Converter can save almost all videos as mp4 files with super fast download speed.

Play video online

This video is played before downloading to confirm that the version of the video matches your needs.

Support 8K resolution

If the original YouTube video is 8K resolution, then the 8K option will appear when you select the video specification.


Sorry, only allowed to convert public youtube videos to mp3. Copyrighted videos require payment to watch, if you need it, please support the original author.
The converter has no limit on the length of the video, and does not require the user to become a VIP because the video is too long.
YouTube to mp3 converter is completely free, you don't even need to register and log in to use full converter functionality. We do not charge users in any form.
It can convert YouTube videos to mp3, in addition it can convert to mp4. No need to download videos first and then upload to this converter. Paste the youtube video link to download the converted file online.
Any ie6 compatible device can use the youtube to mp3 function, even if you use a mobile device from 10 years ago, you can convert youtube videos online.
There are two ways to use the YouTube to mp3 converter, the first is to convert online on the web page, the second is to install the Google extension and directly convert to mp3 on the YouTube play page.

Paste the YouTube video address into the converter is undoubtedly a hassle, install the youtube to mp3 converter extension to double your efficiency!

We will not store any of your information, including cookies, origin, browser information, ip, location, etc., without your permission.
YouTube to mp3 FAQ

How to use youtube to mp3 converter?

If you want to convert youtube videos to mp3, then this online converter is perfect for you. All you need to do is paste the youtube video link into the text box of this website. This is the first method. After pasting the YouTube link, click the submit button, and the page will jump to the interface for selecting the file quality.

YouTube to MP3 converter

The second method is to enter a keyword, enter a keyword in the text box and press Enter or click the search button. After that, the search results will appear below the text box. Clicking on any result will jump to the corresponding download page.

YouTube to mp3 converter download 128kbps

YouTube to mp3 converter supports downloading at 128kbps, YouTube to mp3 converter supports downloading at 8K resolution. The higher the quality of the original video, the higher the quality of the converted file, the conversion to mp3 and mp4 is the same principle.

YouTube to MP3 converter

YouTube Converter Download 4K

At this point, it will jump to the play page. Audio or video will be played in this page, and you can check if the converted file is what you need. When choosing the quality of the downloaded mp4 file, it should be noted that if there are two files with different sizes but the same quality, the small file has only sound and no picture.

YouTube to MP3 converter

How to download mp3 with YouTube converter

Watch the progress bar load in the playback page. If it is converted to mp3, nothing will be displayed in the player, but the mp3 extracted from the video will be played. If it is converted to mp4, then the player will play normally. Click the last menu button in the player to call out the download button

YouTube to MP3 converter

Why use a YouTube to mp3 converter?

YouTube to mp3 converter comes in handy when you find your favorite video on YouTube and want to extract the background music from it. This YouTube to mp3 converter can extract YouTube's audio online and export to mp3 format for you to download. So you don't need to download youtube videos first, after using the software to convert to mp3 format, this converter can save you a lot of time,

How is this YouTube to mp3 converter different from other converters?

Ordinary youtube to mp3 converters only allow to convert to mp3 files through YouTube video links, and this YouTube converter has two usage methods, in addition to converting through links, it also supports keyword search, which is no different from the official YouTube. You can search for the video you want to see in this converter page, which is more convenient than ordinary YouTube to mp3 converters.

Is this YouTube to mp3 converter free?

It's completely free and doesn't have any features that require payment. We won't be adding paid plans to this converter in the future, you don't need to be a member or top up credits whether you download directly or through an extension.

YouTube to mp3 converter that does not require registration or installation

In the future, we will launch a login registration function, which can save your history. When the mp3 file you downloaded to the local is deleted by mistake, you can log in to your account to retrieve the previously converted mp3 file. If you are not logged in, you can use the full YouTube to mp3 converter function, but your history will not be preserved.

YouTube to mp3 converter compatible with all devices

Android, ios, mac, windows, Ubuntu, you can use this youtube to mp3 converter. Its compatibility is excellent, and mp3 files can be downloaded using a browser. The youtube mobile app does not support copying links, you can share the youtube video to the social chat box, and then get the address of the video.