YouTube to mp3 converter

When we see a great video on YouTube and are obsessed with its soundtrack, do we want to download and save the catchy soundtrack so it can be played locally as audio on our device?

There are many YouTube to mp3 softwares that can download and save the audio part of YouTube videos to MP3 format, and some of them also support converting YouTube videos to other formats.

When using a YouTube to mp3 converter, please be aware of YouTube's copyright requirements for video downloads. Please check the requirements before choosing a YouTube to mp3 converter.

Among the many software, which is more convenient? Which function is better? If you search directly with YouTube to mp3, you may find some free online or download software. However, if you are not careful, some software bundles some third-party software/plug-ins, or contains advertisements, which may cause some inconvenience. and safety hazards.

The best YouTube to mp3 converter

1. Best YouTube to mp3 converter for Windows: is the most suitable YouTube to mp3 software for Windows users. Its operation is very simple and easy to use. Convert videos from 21 video platforms to mp3, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and more.

The operation interface is simple, you can set the location of the downloaded file, choose to save as mp3 or mp4 format, and choose the quality of the saved file.

When converting YouTube to mp3, you have two options. You can directly paste the link of the YouTube video or video list into the homepage text box, or you can use the keyword search function to find the desired video or video list.

Best of all, you can use the software for free, absolutely free. But if you want to get more advanced features, you can consider purchasing the premium version, which is only $20, supports credit card, Alipay or UnionPay payment, and the premium account can enjoy the following more features:

Users can experience multiple download modes, such as batch download, download all audio in subscribed channels, download all audio in personal playlist, etc. Meanwhile, YouTube Premium members also support downloading member-quality audio files.

No matter the free version or the paid version, the interface of 4K YouTube to MP3 is very simple, paste the copied link into the text box of the software, and click Run to start. can help users to easily download desired videos or extract audio files from most video sites, and supports multiple video and audio file formats and different file qualities.

On the UI side, after pasting the video URL into the text box of, select the desired file format and click Run. free version provides basic video/audio download, provides 24 download lists, does not support subtitle download.

The paid version offers unlimited downloads and supports subtitle downloads in 50 languages. Users who upgrade to the professional level can also enjoy more advanced video/audio download services, such as automatic download of subscription channel update videos, YouTube Premium membership quality video download, etc.

It not only supports downloading and dumping the content of more than 1,000 online video sites into audio files in various file formats, but also supports video downloading and storage up to 8K level. The software supports batch downloading, editing video and audio files, converting different file formats, etc., and supports GPU acceleration to obtain higher quality video files, while protecting the computer CPU from overheating and damage during operation. is a YouTube to mp3 converter with very good user reviews. Free version and paid version are available, and the software interface is pushed without advertisements.

With, users can download videos from more than 50 video sites and convert them to .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mp3, .3gp file formats. When using, paste the video URL into the software text box, then select the file format you want to convert, and click Run.

The free version does not support batch downloads, while the paid version supports users' batch downloads and provides a 30-day free trial. is a relatively safe YouTube to mp3 converter that offers a 30-day money-back policy to help users better understand the functionality of the software. The software's interface is highly customizable. Users can customize the interface according to their usage habits. Users can download video files from multiple video websites through, convert them into different formats, and support the format conversion of more than 1,000 different files. And support batch download. Unique Blu-ray editor.

It supports downloading video files from more than 900 video websites, converting them to various video and audio formats including MP4, MP3, AVI, AAC, M4A, WAV and AIFF, and saving to your local device. Support the search function in the software, you can search YouTube videos directly in the software, and then download them directly. The downloaded audio and video files support different quality levels for easy playback on different platforms. Not only supports batch downloading video files from YouTube, but also supports batch downloading video files from different platforms at the same time, and the download speed is very fast.

Easy-to-use YouTube to mp3 converter, no matter the Windows version or the Mac version, just paste the video URL into the text box of the software, and then click the convert button to complete the automatic conversion download. Converted audio formats are playable on most devices and run and download quickly.

How to choose a YouTube to mp3 converter?

1. Operating systems supported by YouTube to mp3 converter

Most YouTube to mp3 converters support Windows systems, eg: Free Video Downloader for YouTube.

Some converters also support macOS and Linux systems, for example: 4K YouTube to MP3.

And some software is online software, no system requirements, just run on the browser, such as: Converto.

You can choose according to your actual usage of the system.

2. The types of formats that YouTube to mp3 converter can convert

The formats of YouTube video conversion include: input format and output format.

Input format: The high-quality converter can not only easily convert video files on YouTube, but also support video files on other social platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Output format: MP3 is the most basic output format, and also supports a variety of audio file formats, such as: OGG or M4A, etc, and supports playback on more devices. Some software also supports the saving of video files, which can convert videos on online platforms such as YouTube into video file formats that can be played on various local devices, such as AVI, MP4, WMA, WMV, GIF, FLAC, WAVMPG, MOV.

4. Ease of use of YouTube to mp3 converter

Some software with relatively simple functions is also very simple to use. Copy the YouTube link, paste it into the software, and click to run, such as: 4K YouTube to MP3, Free Video Downloader for YouTube.

Some software with multiple download functions can be cumbersome to use, not only to paste the link, but also to make multiple data selections to download the file format you need, such as: Any Video Converter Free.

5. YouTube to mp3 converter supports batch download

The free version of some software supports batch file download, such as: Any Video Converter Free, 4K YouTube to MP3.

6. Speed of YouTube to mp3 Converter

Some software is very fast, and it only takes a few minutes from copying a YouTube URL to getting the converted MP3 file.

And some software runs slowly, especially the batch download process, such as: Any Video Converter Free.

7. Security of YouTube to mp3 Converter

Software security is one of the biggest concerns when using YouTube to MP3 converter.

Some software that needs to be downloaded will download some other software by default during the download process, and you need to manually cancel the download bundled software during the download process, such as: Any Video Converter Free.

8. YouTube to mp3 converter price

Some YouTube to MP3 software is completely free and will not pop up various advertisement windows, such as Free Video Downloader for YouTube, and some software will pop up advertisements during use, such as Clipgrab.

Some software offers free and paid versions. The paid version can provide a variety of package combinations and different levels of upgrade functions to provide better services for customers with different needs, such as: 4K YouTube to MP3.

How to use YouTube to mp3 converter?

1. First, make sure you have the download permission for the video or audio content to avoid penalties for copyright issues in the future.

2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download.

3. Paste the copied URL into the converter text box.

4. If the converter provides a variety of file formats to choose from, choose the format you need, here we choose MP3.

5. If the software provides multiple audio quality options, please select the audio quality for subsequent playback according to the device requirements.

6. After all the setting items are confirmed, click the button like Run or Download, wait for the converter to complete the work, and then you can get the desired MP3 file.